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Re: [SLUG] Aptitude command to TOTALLY remove KDE

Matthew Hannigan wrote:
On Wed, Aug 31, 2005 at 10:22:41AM +1000, Terry Collins wrote:

Don't say google[1], because it is fast becoming useless. Remember AltaVista? Same reason.

I agree that google ain't quite what it used to be, but searching for "change kde bouncing cursor" pulled
got an eminently relevant link as the first hit.

Which proves my point about the crticalness of the correct jargon phrase. "Launch feedback" = boggle.

google "change kde home page" = crap

google "change konqueror home page" gives

> How do I set my 'home' page - the page loaded on startup?
> Start Konqueror with the "Web Browser" button, open the page
> that you want to be loaded in any new "Web Browser" window,
> and select "Save View Profile Web Browsing"

"Save View Profile Web Browsing"  = WOW, so intuitive[1].

[1] Yes, that is sarcasm. Please no-one attempt to enlighten me as to why you think it is so much better than "home page". I obviously do not appreciate the benefit of Linux software reproducing all the design mistakes that Microsoft software has.

<wanders off muttering "If this keeps up, The Hurd is going to start looking really attractive" ....... >

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