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Re: [SLUG] Aptitude command to TOTALLY remove KDE

Jeff Waugh wrote:

What brain dead idiot decided to make Konquerer the default browser?
and then to make it "windows like"?

The is no way Linux is ever going to conquer the desktop with crud like this.

Hey, c'mon, it may have annoyed you a bit this time, but it's good stuff
(even if you don't enjoy using it).

Keep dreaming.

I can tolerate stupid default choices so long as the manual/help/?? is complete and comprehensive. So when I see a stupid bouncing cursor, my first impulse is to check the doco and look for "cursor:changing" and then what is in the doco reminds me of Redhat support: "well, you have it on the hard disk, so it is installed" = end of support".

Then I went looking for changing the home page. Woops not there either.

There was something else, same result.

Don't say google[1], because it is fast becoming useless. Remember AltaVista? Same reason.

So then I am left with the choice of "do I chase this up with whomever wrote Konquerer or is it a KDE problem?"

Or do I play the "debianhelp.org" game
1) Post I have a problem with blah, blah, blah
2) "Did you read the manal?"
3) What manual?
4) "Oh, touche', Have you googled"
5) Yep, no useful result. What jargon/phrases do you suggest?
6) "Oh well, the answer is blahdy blah"

It is just so much easier to erase it all.

[1] I think it was very telling on Linux when google became its documentation crutch.

What goes around, comes around. My default instructions to SWMBO when she has problems with her Redhat desktop are now "Did you reboot?" It is really weird how many problems are now solved by this simple trick.

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