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Re: [SLUG] Simple website CMS?

<quote who="Simon Wong">

> I'm looking to setup a very basic CMS for my sister's website.

I'd recommend Drupal for something simple and easy to use.

> It only needs to be quite simple with the following capabilities:
>       * A blog where she can put up her latest news
>       * Static HTML pages
>       * The ability to create new pages from templates where she can
>         supply the text and pictures to fill in the template

I think that's the only item that Drupal won't satisfy, but there may be a
module to help with it.

>       * All done server side so she can do updates from any browser.
>       * MySQL DB and PHP (+ static HTML)
> I'm looking at WordPress as it seems to be the closest to what I need.

You're probably best off trying something that isn't blog-centric.

- Jeff

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