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Re: [SLUG] Re: slug Digest, Vol 29, Issue 65

jam@xxxxxxxxx wrote:

This may explain almost everything. The (open)vpn non-bridged clients have the wins server pushed to them, but the office machines (out of my juristiction :-)
almost certainly do not use the wins server, only broadcast resolution,
and you say thus they wont update the wins server, which is what is happening

If the workstations are windows an "ipconfig /all" will display whether or not the workstation knows of a
WINS server. You can tell workstations about a wins server via dhcp - i
think its option-netbios-servers (very similar to option
domain-name-servers). Once this is set, the workstations should resolve
properly using nmblookup unicast to server.

The nmblookup broadcast works because the workstation is replying, but
broadcasts don't necessarily work over VPN (depends on VPN - works over
a bridged openvpn connection).

Will try, thanks lots

Just be wary - each subnet can only have one wins server on it.