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Re: [SLUG] Smb Client GUI

Peter Rundle wrote:

I've a need to provide users with a GUI interface to smbclient. I've found the samba.org/samba/GUI/ page with quite a lot of gui tools on it however some appear to be broken links and other promise a bit but then don't get me want I need.

Perhaps someone out there can recommend a tool so that I don't have to download and install the lot to find the one that does the trick.

I need to allow my users to browse shares on the local LAN and copy files to and from their Linux directory on the Server to another users share directory on a windows PC.

My users are via LTSP on a Linux server so I do *not* want them to have to attach a share to the server in order to transfer files. Of course the PC user can attach the file servers shares to their PC but my users are running on the server and need to either fetch or place a file onto the "remote" users PC.

I'm really looking for a "cuteFTP" equivilent but using SMB. A lot of the GUI tools blurb describe being able to browse the sub-net and then mount shares... Does anyone know of one that can transfer files without actually mounting the share?



I know nautilus allows this sort of thing, but not sure what version, or if it is nautilus that does it or some other addon or something in ubuntu or what. On my nautilus (ubuntu hoary), I can just type in the location bar something like "network:///" and it displays a list of network locations available. In my case "Windows Network" appears along with a list of any Windows workstations on my network. Clicking on one changes the location to say "smb://workstation1" and lists the shares available. I could then go into one and copy or paste files to/from it.

Not sure what underlying distro you're using with LTSP, but if it's a gnome distro then this _may_ be of use.