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[SLUG] Re: slug Digest, Vol 29, Issue 62

On Monday 29 August 2005 12:25, slug-request@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> > What you want to do is very easy. Although I am not certain the
> > existing ADSL router you own can be told or configured to be a dumb
> > bridged ADSL modem, much like the Linksys ADSL2MUE units are by
> > default. All this means is that the linux box would run PPPoE and do
> > the authentication etc. Then you'd install and configure NAT (Network
> > Address Translation) so that your internal lan can see and use the
> > internet. Much like NAT built into the WAG54G, but in this case the
> > linux box could handle more NAT entries and not fall over when too
> > many are opened. etc.
> This isn't necessary, and IMHO it would be undesirableand IMHO it would be 
> leaving the modem to handle the ADSL connection but setting it to 
> automatically forward all packets to the firewall. The firewall can then
> choose what to do with them.
> This way, you are splitting up the tasks amongst the devices. The modem can
> use PPPoA (which in many cases is better than PPPoE) but it doesn't hinder
> firewalling/forwarding.

Please elaborate, specially why 'and IMHO it would be undesirable'

my previous (last post to slug) explained in depth the woes I had trying to 
use a dynalink router.
Every router that I've looked at is hard/obscure when you try to route AND
run servers. Also you end up trusting 'their' firewall to work right.

tigger.ws, its dns, mail, vpn and www is testament to how easy and sucessfull 
a bridge can be.