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[SLUG] Webserver behind ADSL router

Hello All
I have been asked to set a Fedora box up as a web and mail server for a customer of mine in his business grade ADSL service. He is using a Netcomm NB1300 as his ADSL router and he has a static IP assigned by his ISP. I have Apache and Postfix running fine on the box. I have Ports 25, 53, 80 and 110 forwarded on the NB1300 router and I have them forwarded to the IP address of the Fedora box. I am a bit confused on how to set the DNS up to get the whole thing to work. At present if I browse to the static IP address assigned by the ISP I can see the standard Apache test page. I need to be able to use the domain name. I have a domain name registered for this guy and at present it is delegated pointing to the static IP assigned by the ISP as advised by the domain supplier.
Has anyone ever set a web server up on an ADSL line anything like this? If so I would appreciate the benefit of your experience. Has anyone had experience in setting up the DNS for a situation like this? If so I would appreciate any help.