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Re: [SLUG] bulk mail script

Quoting Tony Green <tgreen@xxxxxxxxxxx>:

> On 29/08/2005, at 9:49 AM, Alexander Else wrote:
> > Hi all,
> >
> > A task has been allocated to me to send out a mail (possibly with a  
> > word/pdf
> > attachment) to a few hundred email addresses in an hour and a  
> > half.  As i don't
> > have a lot of time to do my homework on this one, i hope someone  
> > can point me to
> > one or two options for a script that will do this for me.
> >
> > I know it's a pretty trivial task to write one but the limited time  
> > frame and
> > apparent urgency of it makes me want to just pick one up and make  
> > sure it works
> > for me before then, rather than write my own and risk missing that
> > tiny-but-critical flaw.
> >
> When you say 'sending it out in an hour and a half', is that just the  
> submission of the email, or actual delivery?
> There's little chance you can ensure that it's going to be delivered  
> within that time period, but submission into the mail system's fairly  
> straight forward.
> One hurdle you're going to face is getting classified as bulk email  
> (or worse, spam).  I'm assuming that you're doing something nice and  
> these people actually WANT your email to be sent to them.
> I'd check MIME:Lite for PERL, but you've not stated what languages  
> you're proficient in, so that may not be of use to you.
> -- 
> Tony Green <tgreen@xxxxxxxxxxx>

Thanks Tony.  By 'an hour and a half' i mean that is when i hit the big green
'Go' button that queues all the mails onto our SMTP server for delivery as
normal (ie. no expectation that they all are delivered/returned within any
specific timeframe).

Yes, these are recipients who want our mail.  I'm not too concerned about the
likelihood of it being caught in spam filters.

Perl is the best option if it's something i'll need to modify.  Ideally, a
prewritten script that i can give a message and list of addresses is what i
want.  Yeah, i don't ask for much ;)