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[SLUG] Re: RedHat at UOW

On Sat, Aug 20, 2005 at 09:51:29AM +1000, Robert Barnett wrote:
> I have a colleague from Uppsala University, Sweden. He uses ITK/VTK for
> data processing and manipulation of Medical Images. He currently has a
> post-doc position which is shared between UOW and a Sydney hospital.
> He's informed me that UOW would not let him use his RedHat (Fedora Core
> 3) machine on the campus network because they only allow for approved
> OSes to connect to the network.

By UOW, do you mean "University of Wollongong"?  (I'm having trouble
expanding UOW into anything related to Uppsala, but that could be a lack of
imagination on my part).  My personal policy at Wollongong Uni was
"forgiveness, not permission".  Worked like a charm.

> Does anyone have any ideas about how to appeal this decision/policy? I

All that should be necessary is a letter from their supervisor saying that
the machine is needed for their studies.  I've never really noticed any huge
hatred towards Linux boxen in general (hell, most of the CompSci/CompEng
labs are at least dual-boot boxen).

> completed a postgrad course at UOW. In all my time there I never managed
> to get any response from the IT department with regards to policy.

You're talking about ITS?  The techos there are reasonable enough to talk
to, but when the hair is pointy, it's *very* pointy.

- Matt