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[SLUG] kdeinit using 99% of processor

Hi all,

I've just noticed an odd event in 'top'.

3G P4
512Mb RAM

'top' is revealing a kdeinit process using 99% of the CPU.

I've identified the process as konqueror:

ps aux | grep 13081
patrick  13081 47.4  4.9 38052 24696 ?       R    23:01   1:51 kdeinit:
konqueror --silent
patrick  13129  0.0  0.1  5640  688 pts/2    R+   23:05   0:00 grep 13081
[patrick@localhost ~]$

If I kill konqueror, it all goes back to normal. I'm not sure why it
would be using so much of the cpu. I've done a quick google, and though
others seem to have experienced the same, I couldn't quite find a solution... maybe I'm too tired (it is a bit late :))

Any ideas????