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Re: [SLUG] DNS Issue

On Wed, Aug 17, 2005 at 05:19:23PM +1000, Kevin Fitzgerald wrote:
This is probably an Obvious Question but I'm not sure where to look next.
Running Fedora Core 4, set up a DNS server and DNS record for my machine. If
I do #host kevnote I receive the correct IP Address. I'm trying to install
Scalix Community Server. As part of the install it checks the network
settings and comes back with an error "Network Check Failed - IP Address
associated with host name 'kevnote.tcgtech.dyndns.org" is ''" Yet
the Host request returns the correct info. Any ideas where I should be
looking to rectify the address?

Every time I've installed anything from Red Hat or Fedora, it put
stupid things in /etc/hosts.

Remove your hostname from every line in /etc/hosts which starts
'' or '::1'.  Those addresses should have the name
'localhost' with no domainname.

Christopher Vance