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Re: [SLUG] Switching a website to ssl

The whole application to be accessed via SSL?

If yes, then the steps are:

- create the certificates.
- make sure your apache installation was compiled with SSL support,
then enable SSL on a given virtualhost (since you're just switching,
probably the virtualhost has the same name as the host itself, but
uses port 443, if you want to keep the https:// in the address bar).
- check if your application uses absolute URLs (like in
"http://site/page.php"; instead of "page.php") in the page links. If
yes, then change that to https, otherwise you'll be thrown out of the
SSL enabled virtualhost when navigating.

This answers the question. Detailed instructions can be quite long, so
I suggest you google for a few howtos on the subject.

On 8/16/05, Edwin Humphries <edwin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> We have a web application served by apache (2.0.52-9) that we want to
> switch from normal http to https.
> I suspect this is relatively simple, but - how do I do it?
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