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Re: [SLUG] postfix

<quote who="ashley maher">
> I'm used to setting up qmail.
> I found some references on setting up postfix from postfix.org. However
> some references are better than others. Does anybody know a good reference
> for setting up a "decent" postfix server for a postfix newbe? (decent
> Imean spam filter, virus et al)

I've used the actual postfix docs from postfix.org, then, Jim Seymor's sp?
anti UCE how-to, postfixadmin, MySQL, later added amavisd-new, most of the
docs are referenced on postfix.org. postfix ml is also invaluable

all the docs I've used are referenced on postfix.org

even though I didn't understand most of the docs, it didn't stop postfix
from working, setting it up turned out simpler than I feared

courier-imap, postfixadmin, MySQL, amavisd-new, clamav & bdc is what I've
used with it