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[SLUG] Re: Clusters and parallel programming group

On Mon, Aug 15, 2005 at 09:31:30PM +1000, Carlo Sogono wrote:
> Suddenly I've had this urge to do some parallel programming using MPI on
> Linux (either using the MPICH or LAM implementations) 'for fun'. Problem
> is I don't have access to multiple systems to act as clusters or nor the
> money to buy some. I was wondering if there were any SLUG'ers here with
> the same interests or who may want to form a small informal 'for fun'
> interest group in Sydney. I have a P3 computer to spare so maybe some of
> you can volunteer a place or a few computers. I do not intend to run high

Here's a sick and perverse thought, if you're *really* not interested in
high-performance, but just the whole "clustering" thing -- run a few UML
instances and Beowulf between those.  Performance will be significantly
worse than running the same program in a single-machine mode, but it'll at
least give you an opportunity to get a taste for the pain and suffering that
is parallel programming.

Be warned: some consider running a UML Beowulf to be a crime against nature. 

- Matt

"For once, Microsoft wasn't exaggerating when they named it the 'Jet Engine'
-- your data's the seagull."
		-- Chris Adams

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