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Re: [SLUG] Lindows experience.

Sridhar Dhanapalan wrote:
On Mon, 15 Aug 2005 17:04, Jeff Waugh <jdub@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Lindows will run your user session as root by default. This is a hideously
bad thing to do, because it makes your entire system as vulnerable to
attack as Win9x or Windows 2k/NT/XP (when running as Administrator, which
seems to be very common). I fear that Linspire will make Linux look

I installed Hoary a little while ago, and I was surprised to find that:

1. the installer didn't ask me to define a root password
2. once installed, I discovered that the root password was the same as the password of the user I had created in the installation 3. the user I had created in the installation was able to change system settings that can normally only be changed as root
4. I could open a root terminal without typing a password

To fix the last two points I had to manually turn off "Executing system administration tasks" in "Users and Groups".

While I believe that Lindow^H^H^Hspire is a wart on the face of free software, I was shocked to see Ubuntu seemingly taking the same path. Am I missing something?

My ubuntu (Hoary) has root disabled, all root access is via sudo, including root terminal. This would account for the same password as "root" password. Potentially after a fresh logon opening a root terminal would not need to ask password (???). But then I also upgraded from warty to hoary