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Re: [SLUG] Lindows experience.

<quote who="Bill Bennett">

> I've been given a copy of Lindows4.5 by someone who is (was) rather chary
> of it---the Lindows, not the version.
> Has anyone had any experience with Lindows that they'd care to
> communicate? Good/bad/indifferent will do.

Lindows will run your user session as root by default. This is a hideously
bad thing to do, because it makes your entire system as vulnerable to attack
as Win9x or Windows 2k/NT/XP (when running as Administrator, which seems to
be very common). I fear that Linspire will make Linux look terrible.

Because of this, I have a hard time recommending it to anyone, regardless of
any additional eyecandy or features they provide. It's just not cricket.

- Jeff (who works on Ubuntu, which may reflect some element of bias)

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