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> Last of all, the problem I'm having is that the system boots 
> up and loads everything OK (except one of the 2  NIC's). It 
> is set to boot into GNOME, but can't. The screen just flashes 
> grey, black, grey. The hard drive continues to click away. 
> Occassionally I see localuser login: and by waiting patiently 
> each time the screen comes up for a few seconds I can manage 
> to login as  localuser user. I can't get into the root 
> directory. Once I saw an error message saying that there was 
> a font missing.

My company is based in Waterloo and charges start at $99/hour. (I'm
their Linux nut.) However, if it's just started happening out of the
blue, then hardware failure may be the culprit. I'm another one that'd
recommend looking into it yourself than paying a fee to someone else
only for yourself to remain unenlightened. Fortune favours the brave. :)

My suggestion: Switch to one of the text-based virtual consoles
(ctrl-alt-F1 for example). Back-up your important data using tar (tar
and gzip - can be done in one swoop - see the tar man pages and the many
web pages on how to use tar). Copy them to another hard drive OR use
something like the Mepis or Ubuntu live CD's to burn them to CD.

Whilst somewhat time consuming, the above method is a sure to work
provided your hardware isn't faulty. Even though it can take some time
to re-install you can do other things whilst you wait, and it may be
quicker than trying to figure out what has gone wrong. (I'm quite sure
there's a number on this list that may disagree with me. The point is
that you recreate the machine the same as it was before it started
playing up.)

*However*, before you do all this you may wish to check dmesg and the
various logs to see if the right hardware was detected in the first

It's also quite possible (and quite likely) that there's been some mix
up in your video card and/or monitor specifications of XFree86Config.
Have you tried changing these or your screen resolution lately? (Or
something like not having the right fonts as you've mentioned earlier.
Have you made an changes this way lately?)

Michael Kraus
Software Developer
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