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[SLUG] South Coast LUG meeting: Podcasting

For our Sydney Cousins:

James Purser, "Podcasting" 

James is "Chief Talking Guy" with the Linux Australia Update, a regular
podcast keeping the Linux and Open Source communities in Australia
informed about things happening in the F/OSS community. 

      * What is podcasting? For those who aren't already in the know,
        How does it work? 
      * What am I doing with the casting of the pod? 
      * Podcasting vs Web Radio vs Traditional Media 
      * The future of Podcasting 

So come along Thursday night to:

Location: University of Wollongong, building 39, room 217.

Date/Time: 4th August, 2005, 6:30pm

Note: The building is locked in the evenings, please try and arrive
before 6:20, outside building 39 near building 3 (look for the very
large roller door). You may need to call Ashley on 0412 351 451 for
access if you arrive late.

Maps of the campus and surrounding areas:

General location / get-to guide:

The entire campus:
(best parking will be the Ovals carpark, NW of building 39)

The building we'll be in is marked in red here, and we'll be meeting
kinda near the telephone symbol at building 3 (although outside):