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Re: [SLUG] ubuntu -help pls

On 7/20/05, hana martin <otsimind@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> dr sir/madam,
> i bought PC AUTHORITY APRIL 2005 to get UBUNTU 4.10 ,
> ,but not installed yet.
> now UBUNTU 5 has released,  --where  can i get a CD in SYDNEY ?
>    --can i get INSTALL HELP via telephone (pref) from a kind soul ? ,
> since i am computer challenged .
> [ i am located in SYDNEY northern suburbs ].
> thankyou - regards,  hana martin.

I have a copy of the dvd iso image, if your near North Ryde (Macquarie
Uni) then I can certainly get you a copy.

As for phone support, not likely, but this mail list would be suitable
for help at various times. Although most stuff could probably be
solved via google