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Re: [SLUG] Qemu Questions

James Gregory wrote:

> The user-net option will allow your guest system to make *outgoing*
> connections. You can't (without some tinkering) use it to run an
>externally accessible webserver for example.

For my application that will suffice.

Just need a little clarification about the network config,
I understand that the guest gets an 10.0.2.x ip from qemu's "virtual dhcp" server and it's default gateway is set to which is... (I'm guessing) qemu creating a "virtual gateway", does Qemu then Nat the outbound packets from the guest to the Hosts ip address? I.E Qemu is a user level application running on the host which has access to the hosts networking services?

I don't understand; how can you tell that there's an hourglass there if
everything is black? Can you point us to a screenshot?

Just the cursor is black. The rest of the display is the normal colour. When you launch an application the busy/hourglass cursor appears but it is also black (windows nt4 guest). Not to worry but curious bug. If I launch the guest without the loadvm (i.e boot from scratch) the cursor colour is normal.

Thanks for your help