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Re: [SLUG] OT: GPG for Windows (Outlook)?

On Fri, 15 Jul 2005 10:13 am, Rowling, Jill wrote:
> If your external source insists on the passworded zip then it depends on
> how often you need to do this.
> If you need to do it often enough, then the mail filter needs to be
> altered for that user/source combo.

Hell no.  Then the external party can send us anything in a passworded zip 
and we'd be none the wiser (I don't trust *anyone* that much :P).  Not an 
option in our case.  Besides this is an infrequent thing, so I was hoping 
to avoid punching holes in our security (permanently) to allow for these 
corner cases.

> Sometimes you have to negotiate with the sender instead. There are
> free-as-in-beer versions of gpg for windows (google for it) which both
> users can install at each end, and they just need to agree on a password.
> They will work with outlook.

We've managed to coax them into encrypting the file with GPG (WinPT I think) 
then sending the encrypted file, "in the clear" using my GPG key to 
encrypt.  Once I get the file, I'll decrypt it, scan it for viruses etc, 
then forward it to the internal user via the LAN.

> For a one-off they can courier a cdrom to each other, far cheaper than
> changing the whole system.

Indeed.  External user is in Brisvegas, we are in Sydney, and the files need 
be in our system before CoB today.  It's a bit of a logistics hurdle for 
the courier option.

But on a side note, we managed to transmit about 512GB of data from Sydney 
to our data centre in Boston in about 3 days on one occasion (that's about 
16.67Mbps sustained for 3 days)....amazing what you can do with an express 
courier and a pile of DLT's!

There is, however, a strange, musty smell in the air that reminds me of
something...hmm...yes...I've got it...there's a VMS nearby, or I'm a Blit.
             -- Larry Wall in Configure from the perl distribution

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