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Re: [SLUG] E Commerce

jam@xxxxxxxxx wrote:

> Hi
> Either you DO drive a credit card or
>           you have never purchased anything on the internet.
> I will avoid purchase from such a site if at all possible, because of the 
> hastle of payment!
> EVERY internet bank can do bpay,

Really? Even in South Korea, France, Germany, Cannada and the US?

I have received payments from the above countries. Fortunately
the payments have been relatively large AUS$1000, so people
don't mind doing a wire transfer.

Because the number of payments is low, credit card is out of the
question; the bank charges would be too high. As it is, ANZ charges
me $10 for each transfer.

  Erik de Castro Lopo  nospam@xxxxxxxxxxxxx (Yes it's valid)
"Having a firewall that allows NFS to the Internet is like having a
seat belt that lets your head touch the dashboard." -- Marcus Ranum