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Re: [SLUG] Telstra ADSL bridge mode on Linux

On Mon, 11 Jul 2005 14:41, Peter Rundle <prundle@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I actually want the IP available to the Linux box so that I can do cool
> and groovy network thinks like Masquerade, proxy, reverse proxy etc. I
> could let the Modem hold the IP but then it's not available to the
> reverse proxy. Sounds like Roaring Penguin will have to be it.

Would a half-bridge setup work for you? That's how I have my modem set up. I 
gave it a NAT rule to forward all packets to my GNU/Linux firewall/router, 
which decides what to block, what to accept and what to forward to client 

The end effect is similar to a full-bridge mode, but the modem handles the 
ADSL connection. I don't need to mess around with PPPoE clients on the 
router. This setup also allows me to connect via PPPoA, which I find to be a 
little better than PPPoE (YMMV).

> Personally I'd just go with Internode (no I don't work or have any
> association with them, just had good service) but then I'm not the one
> making the political decisions.

I am with Internode and I think they're excellent. Their CEO is a big Mac fan, 
and as a company they are very friendly towards users of alternate OSs (i.e. 
anything but Windows).

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