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[SLUG] Telstra ADSL bridge mode on Linux


seeking advice on getting ADSL from Telstra to work with Linux.

I have two sites that I look after where the ADSL is provided by Connexus and Internode respectively and the DSL setup is such that the modem is in bridge mode. The Linux firewall is ignorant of the dsl, it simply connects to the modem via rj45 ethernet and holds the IP as provided by the DSL vendor on the appropriate network interface, usually with a mask of (i.e 4 address network).

I am trying to get the same setup out of Telstra (don't ask why) at a third site. Their Account rep assured me that the modem could work in bridge mode (as per the other vendors) but it turns out that doesn't appear to be true. The fixed IP as supplied by telstra has a mask of which implies that I'm on a subnet with about 250 other clients. Telstra insist that I have to put a username and password into the modem (of course in bridged mode there's no option in the modem setup to do that). So I assume that means I need to do some sort of pppoe authentication on the Linux firewall but again the tech rep thinks that I'm on a windoze machine.

Is there any point in persuing this or should I try and work on ditching Telstra for one of the other vendors?