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[SLUG] problem with wireless

I can't get my wireless to connect at boot. This is causing me 
embarrassment because I keep telling everyone they should use Linux :(

>From a fresh install of Ubuntu Hoary, specifying wireless for my net 
connection, wireless fails to connect. Signal is NOT a problem.

HOWEVER: If I deactivate wireless, manually create an ethernet connection 
with the network panel, activate ethernet, deactivate ethernet, then 
activate wireless.. i get my wireless back! I've been able to replicate 
this consistantly.

Simply restarting networking doesn't work. I have to go through that 

Without doing that, all the settings in the network panel look OK 
but the MAC address shown by iwconfig is FF:FF:FF:FF:FF:FF and the 
flashing lights indicate no connection. ifconfig gives the right ip 
address etc and route shows the right gateway ( on ath0

Dell Inspiron 4000, Netgear WGT624v2 AP, Netgear WG511T pcmcia card,
atheros chipset, using WEP 64bit key and static IP.

This is getting to be a showstopper for using Ubuntu. Works fine for 
WinME dual booted on the same machine :(

If anyone is getting good results using a similar set up, I'd love to know 
what I'm doing wrong.



PS: i've tried apt-get update, apt-get upgrade but that made no