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[SLUG] Asterisk PBX not outputting sound

Hi all,

This post went to asterisk-users, at digium mailing lists, but either
my question is too dumb or those guys are too busy to help these days 

I'm having issues in getting any sound using a fresh asterisk install
and a SJPhone to connect to it. I went by the instructions pointed at
the "10 minute guide", located here:


I installed Asterisk on a Slackware 10.1, by using no more than "make
&& make install && make samples". Then I proceeded with installing
asterisk-addons and asterisk-sounds as suggested.

The thing is, soon as I get SJPhone to connect to asterisk (which
happens fine), I tried the echo service by dialing 600. Then I get:

  -- Executing Playback("SIP/julio-5ae7", "demo-echotest") in new stack
  -- Playing 'demo-echotest' (language 'en')
Jul  4 14:35:42 WARNING[13521]: file.c:550 ast_readaudio_callback:
Failed to write frame
 == Spawn extension (default, 600, 1) exited non-zero on 'SIP/julio-5ae7'

On my SJPhone I can see that sound is being sent (the sound indicator
bar), but nothing is coming back to me. Then I dialed 1000, for the
"congrats" message: That's
what I get:

  -- Executing Goto("SIP/julio-f0ed", "default|s|1") in new stack
  -- Goto (default,s,1)
  -- Executing Wait("SIP/julio-f0ed", "1") in new stack
  -- Executing Answer("SIP/julio-f0ed", "") in new stack
  -- Executing DigitTimeout("SIP/julio-f0ed", "5") in new stack
  -- Set Digit Timeout to 5
  -- Executing ResponseTimeout("SIP/julio-f0ed", "10") in new stack
  -- Set Response Timeout to 10
  -- Executing BackGround("SIP/julio-f0ed", "demo-congrats") in new stack
  -- Playing 'demo-congrats' (language 'en')
Jul  4 14:37:05 WARNING[13523]: file.c:550 ast_readaudio_callback:
Failed to write frame
 == Spawn extension (default, s, 5) exited non-zero on 'SIP/julio-f0ed'

Given the error messages, I guess Asterisk is unable to write any
sound to a peer for some reason. Any ideas on why that could happen?
Thanks for any advice.

Julio C. Ody