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Re: [SLUG] Help with apt-get pinning

Steve Kowalik wrote:
On Wed, 08 Jun 2005 17:04:31 +1000, Michael Lake uttered

I have a server running Debian stable where perl is v5.6.1. I need 5.8 for installing a library application. I have never done/used mixed systems before or done apt pinning. Am I going to do this right?
The following procedure was worked out by reading a few googled web sites about apt pinning.
However I don't want to break perl on this machine.

You are aware that Debian sarge was released yesterday and the version
of Perl in it is 5.8.4?

Yep. Yet this morning when I do an apt-get upgrade it still says that many packages are being held back and perl is amoung that list. I would have thought that given that sarge is released then surely it would upgrade to perl 5.8 but apparently not. The server is an Intel too and not some wierd architecture :-)

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