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Re: [SLUG] basic VoIP home/small office system

On 6/7/05, Julio Cesar Ody <julioody@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Thanks a lot.

Another option you have is to get ISDN (2 lines) and the AVM Fritz!PCI
Card which *is* A-Tick certified. Only problem is it costs about 400%
more than the real cost of the card, since it has the glorious A-Tick
stamp on the card. Last time I checked they were going for AU$300 odd.


> You said they're not A-Tick certified and therefore not legal to be
> used in Australia. So that means to say I cannot have my standard
> phone line calls over IP just by signing up with a provider and having
> my own asterisk server configured to route them? (stardard hard lines
> == PSTN ?)

I'm not quite sure what you mean by this. I'll explain what I meant by
this: If you want to plug in your standard PSTN line into your system
to receive and make landline calls through Asterisk, you will need a
FXO card and the Digium card, at least, is not A-Tick certified (last
time I checked anyway). If you just want to make calls through VoIP,
you can just use a VoIP provider like Freshtel and receive calls
through VoIP via a DID provider and you'll have no need for a FXO card
at all. There are providers around, such as www.atp.org.au, that offer
flat rate local and STD calls as well as DID numbers for a low cost,
making the need for a FXO card unnecessary, more so if you're just

> Thanks for your time. I'll dig into the sources you pointed. Most helpful.

You're welcome. Good luck!