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AW: [SLUG] penguin recognition

"Do you get to put any accompanying notes with the image for the awards?"

Unfortunately not, so if Mr.. judge don't get it in 3 seconds it's gone to
the bin.
By what I've got so far is that I can't really use it as no one outside
the IT room knows little tux...

thanks, guys and sorry for the scan spam confusion...

--- Ursprüngliche Nachricht ---
Datum: 03.06.2005 07:46
Von: TongMaster <tongmaster@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
An: slug@xxxxxxxxxxx
Betreff: Re: AW: [SLUG] penguin recognition

> On Fri, 2005-06-03 at 07:12 +0200, dimitri@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> > don't know how the  "Hey, perhaps Dimitri can help me source some
crack for
> > this weekend" came in.
> Having read Roger's email, it makes much more sense :) I spent some
> trying to work out whether or not this was a genuine email, an address
> harvest effort or a troll :) Doing a Tux scam ad as opposed to  SPAM ad
> will get very different responses :)
> > I thought I take a picture of a window in winter time with the
> > cross frame. The glass is foggy and just in the right bottom corner
> > have a little clear circle, obviously made from some one swiping the
> > over as you do in winter time, and a little penguin looks out from
> > Not tux, a real head of a penguin.
> Sounds like a good image.
> > Small Linux logo at the bottom, finished.. it would be just for brand
> > recognition, but not much help when i find out that not every one
> > tux.
> Do you get to put any accompanying notes with the image for the awards?
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