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[SLUG] VoIP for home use

I need some advise regarding Australian VoIP providers. I've spent a good couple hours researching. Eventually I will go to a hardware solution but I wish to try a software solution first (softphone). So initially I wish only to be able to make outgoing calls, thus incoming calls do no interest me.

It seems that a lot of local providers are using the patented codec G729 (which isn't all that fun to any GNU lover). I found one provider offering G711 but that uses 64kbps of bandwidth.

There is quite a considerable group on Whirlpool discussing VoIP in general but only a handful of Linux users apart from the Asterisk administrators. I tracked down a thread of kphone users using VoIP provided by OzTell and ATP. OzTell mentions on there website that gnomemeeting if the preferred Linux client- but there are a lot of negative comments about the service.

Essentially my simplest question is, has anyone connected to the local VoIP provider with Gnomemeeting, or any other Linux app ?

Next- of the hardware available, is there any that is based on GNU/Linux like the Linksys WRT54G. Or basically is not platform dependent for configuration i.e. has a web interface.

Simon Males <sime@xxxxxxxxxx>
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