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Re: [SLUG] pptp IP address assignment

Michael Fox wrote:
So openvpn is the way to go? I want to setup something similar to
Ryan, or atleast configure my linux machine thats currently serving
files out to my lan to also do some vpn server end point stuff (for
wireless and wan connected people).

I am still researching on what way to attempt on Debian Sarge install.

it sure is the way to go.
openvpn in bridged mode work great for wireless stuff. for endpoint/roadwarrior stuff put it in routed mode and go from there. its damn nice. I even got it to work through an ssl proxy today, so now I can administer linux boxes that where previously stuck behind said proxy.

for debian:

apt-get install openvpn
answer - yes I want a tap device made for me.

grab sample config file from openvpn.net.
follow simple howto. too easy. get stuck, ask questions.