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Re: [SLUG] error

On Mon, 2005-05-16 at 11:06 +1000, ashley maher wrote:
> The dmesg output is:
> cx88[0]/0: AUD_STATUS: 0x7372 [mono/no pilot] ctl=BTSC_AUTO_STEREO

That's something dicky with the cx88xx module; I'm going to take a
random pot-shot here and guess you've got an MSI Tv@nywhere card (or
something with the same conxtant chipset).  I get exactly the same
thing; it isn't a show stopper though, purely just an annoyance as it
floods dmesg/syslog (uninstalling the module stops it).  I also have a
nVidia card in the machine, and have not had any problems.

I'd assume upgrading to a later kernel would fix it, but I've neither
had the inclination to build one myself, nor anything later available in
the Hoary repositories yet (excepting an apparently-buggy 2.6.11 in
universe, albeit without a restricted-modules).

I don't think this is related to your gdm/xorg issues.  One way to find
out is to yank out that TV tuner card and see if the problems go away,
of course.

Instead, I'll ask a different question: are you using the default nv
drivers, or the proprietary nvidia with the module from
restricted-modules?  If the latter, have you tried tweaking
NvAGP/agpgart settings, et al?  Have you checked xorg logs/syslog for
any further clues?