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[SLUG] Laptop recommendations?

This list seems to be well populated so I may as well post here too.

My laptop died. again.


So I'm in the market for a new laptop.

These are my requirements:

- good linux compatibility.  I want to be able to suspend-to-ram/resume.

- 1600x1200 display.  I've been spoiled.  I'd prefer something with ATI,
for decent 3D graphics, but it doesn't have to be the very latest radeon
or whatever.

- at least 512M memory

- at least 5 hours of battery life (normal use, ie 0 CPU, display on,
HDD spinning). 6 would be cool.  I don't mind if I have to have 2
batteries at once in the thing, but would prefer not to have to remove
the CD/DVD drive to get the 2nd battery in.

- at least a DVD-ROM

- decent keyboard and touch pad.  The keyboard and touch pad on the
inspiron 8000 were fine. fastest keyboard I've ever used.  On the 8200
they sucked.  The keyboard was too stiff, and the touch pad had this
neet smoothing feature which delayed its response by about 1/2 a second
and made it feel awful.
I'd prefer a keyboard that had the cursor keys and the 6 navigation keys
in proper groups, much like some IBMs and Dells do.  tilde and backslash
be in sane locations.
Yes, I really do want a touch pad.

- built-in wireless OR 2 PCMCIA slots

any suggestions?