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Re: [SLUG] updating Perl modules, how ?

<quote who="Rick Welykochy">
> Voytek wrote:

> I've have always kept my perl modules up to date manually. Why? Because
> (a) each updated module should be unit tested and meet with my approval;
> and (b) the updated modules need to be "integration tested", i.e. do
> they still work harmoniously in tandem in the application environment.
> One little slip-up in the API for a module can render it incompatible
> with previous releases. Admittedly, I haven't seen this happen with
> Perl modules, but backwards compatibility probs have arisen with C
> libraries.
> Nonetheless, you may wish to play with the CPAN.pm module, which
> can help automate module installation.

Rick, Julio,

thanks to both of you... yes, I think I'll follow your suggestions...
I can see already my idea wasn't that good, after all.....
well, it was good, just, not practical