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Re: [SLUG] Partition advice

Peter Rundle <prundle@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> System has hardware raid with six drives. Two 36Gb and four 72Gb. Idea 
> is to mirror two 36's as the system disk
> and the other 4 in a raid 5 for data. System will be a bit of a jack of 

Looks fine to me. If 144G was enough for the data, I would use raid
1+0 (or is that 0+1 or 10). With 4 disks, raid 1+0 is faster at
reading and writing than raid 5 with the same amount of redundancy.

I'd also look into the optimum file system block size for your raid
setup, from memory you want to match the raid block size with the file
system block size. I would double check that, though, it's covered in
a howto I think.

I'd put the 4 disks on /var and partition the system disk with / /usr
/home and swap.

It's well worth your time tuning postgres, there are a number of
articles on how to do it (google tuning postgresql performance), but
without gobs of experience, it's mostly trial and error. I've had
queries that were taking minutes to complete come down to seconds.

That's my string.