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Re: [SLUG] Open office slow ???

Hi Patrick

On Wed, 04 May 2005, Patrick Elliott-Brennan wrote:

> Hi,
> Whilst using openoffice (1.1.2), if I do a spellcheck (right click on 
> error) the check is slow to appear. If I choose the option to check the 
> whole document, when I've finished, I get a box that says "The 
> spellcheck is complete" and I can 'okay' it away. Whoever, when I do 
> this, there is a grey box remaining on the screen, of the dimensions of 
> the "The spellcheck is complete" box. The only way I can get rid of this 
> is by scrolling the screen or minimising and then re-accessing.

This is a common problem with ooffice, I have just put up with it.
It does this sometimes with inlined images after scrolling the
text that is supposed to appear is missing where the imiage
use to be and rescrolling will redisplay the text correctly.

> X itself seems a lot slower at the moment too.
> I'm using FC3, 3G P4, 512RAM.

Is there much disk actitvity?
When it does it again run

vmstat 1 > vmstat.txt

wait for about 30sec or so, then type


post the output of vmstat.txt

> It's an odd problem that I've not had before.
> I've closed X and restarted it but...
> As usual, any help would be most appreciated.
> Regards,
>    Patrick
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