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Re: [SLUG] Sharing partition 'tween Linux and Winders (for video editing)

what about FAT32?
I don't know what VFAT is, so if it is fat32 forget I made this post

Elliott-Brennan wrote:


I'm looking for some ideas about sharing a partition.

I have Fedora Core 3 on one HDD (200G), dual booting with XP on a second HDD (20G).

I want to share about 100G of the FC drive to allow space for both OSs to share video material for editing and DVD burning (I'm trialling a few options in both OSs).

I gather that formatting the shared partition as VFAT is an option, but that it may be too slow for my intentions.

Has anyone any experience around this, or with ideas about the best way to manage what I'm wishing to do?

Any suggestions, ideas or advice would be most appreciated.