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[SLUG] General Notice of upcoming AGM & Election

The latest info can be found at http://www.slug.org.au/2005/election.html

SLUG Annual General Meeting: Friday 1st April, 7:15pm (yes really!)

SLUG's Annual General Meeting

This message has the following sections:-

A) Agenda for the AGM
B) Memberships Due
C) Committee positions & responsibilities
D) Nominating (please wait till after tomorrow's meeting)
E) Voting (financial members only)
F) Outgoing committee

Section A) Agenda for the AGM

The Sydney Linux Users Group will hold its Annual General Meeting on
Friday 1st April. This is due to the 25th of March being a public holiday.

Time: 7:10pm - 08:10

Location: University of Technology Sydney - exact room to be advised.

The agenda for the Annual General Meeting will be:

1. President's report 2004-2005
2. Treasurer's report 2004-2005
3. Election of 2005-2006 SLUG committee

For the latest info see 

For a copy of the constitution see 

Section B) Memberships Due

$25 per annum, $15 for full-time students, unemployed people and 
healthcare card holders with proof.

All current financial memberships of SLUG expire before the AGM. If you
want to participate in the election, you will need to pay for
2004-2005 SLUG membership either before or at the AGM. 

Membership can be paid for in person to the treasurer, Jamie Wilkinson,
or by cheque to the postal address listed on:

If paying by cheque, please clearly note that your cheque is for
2005-2006 SLUG membership, and provide us with your full name, postal
address and email address.

Section C) Committee Positions

Official positions:
	president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, and 3 others.

Honourary positions:
	As all official positions must be held by people 18 years or 
	older we encourage nomination for honourary positions for 
	people under 18. These positions are privy to committee meetings
	and organising of events but are not entitled to vote on official

    Attend most public monthly meetings, join the activities (public) 
    and committee (private) mailing lists and keep reasonably up to
    Attend monthly committee meetings (possibly via IRC), a commitment 
    to helping out with SLUG.
    No experience necessary!

    The president chairs the committee meetings and takes ultimate 
    responsibility for keeping SLUG sailing along. The president also 
    normally is the "face of SLUG", representing SLUG to the press and 
    to other groups. The president gives a yearly report to the 

    The VP assists the president, assuming the president's role where

    The secretary handles the bulk of SLUG's correspondance. The 
    secretary takes minutes at the monthly committee meetings and makes 
    them available to the SLUG membership.

    The treasurer handles the SLUG accounts, and is reponsible for 
    balancing the books, reconding all income and expenditure. The 
    treasurer gives a yearly report to the membership.

Ordinary committee member (3 positions)
    The ordinary committee members make up the remainder of the 
    committee and stops the committee making silly decisions.

Section D) Nominating (please wait till after tomorrow's meeting).

    To nominate yourself or someone else, send an email to
    slug@xxxxxxxxxxx. Candidates can also make a 300 word (strict limit)
    statement about themselves.

    All nominations must be seconded to be valid. The candidate, the
    nominator and the seconder must all be 2004-2005 financial members.

Section E) Voting

Voting at the AGM in person:
    Only current 2004-2005 members may vote at the AGM or by proxy. 
    This year the returning officer will be Grant Parnell who will
    conduct the voting portion of the meeting in accordance with the
    consitution. The public may attend but not vote. To cast your 
    vote we will require you to hold up your membership card or whoever
    you are acting on behalf of. You may only vote once for President,
    Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary. For efficiency you may 
    vote up to 3 times for the other positions and the top 3 will 
    become the ordinary committee members.

Proxies: (please wait till after tomorrow's meeting)
    If you want to vote or stand but can't be there, please let
    committee@xxxxxxxxxxx know the name of a proxy. If you can't
    organise a proxy, mail committee@xxxxxxxxxxx and one of the current
    committee members will hold your proxy vote.

    If you're a candidate and can't be there, mail committee@xxxxxxxxxxx
    and one of the current committee members will make a statement for

Section F) Outgoing Committee

President:        Jan Schmidt
Vice President:	  Robert Collins
Secretary:        Grant Parnell
Treasurer:        Jamie Wilkinson
Member:           Peter Hardy
Member:           Craige McWhirter
Member:           Dan Treacy
Honourary Member: Chris Deigan 	


Grant Parnell,
SLUG Secretary