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Re: [SLUG] Stupidest law of the year candidate!

Hi everyone, I'm new to this group...

I tend to agree that this seems like a ridiculous law.

Firstly, it's unlinkey they will be aware of a particular site, unless the authoraties have notified them.

And secondly. anyone with above average computer knowledge is able to circumvent most blocks that an ISP puts up.

I personally would love to see all offenders and people running those sites in jail...but I'd focus on taking the sites down for good
not just a restriction on access.


Marek Wawrzyczny wrote:
On Thu, 24 Feb 2005 10:15, Benno wrote:
On Thu Feb 24, 2005 at 10:08:33 +1100, DaZZa wrote:
We may as well shut down the internet now.



If you don't have one already, login with

username: vanitas
password: vain


Basically, it makes Australian ISP's liable for $55000 fines if their
service can be USED to access child pornography and they don't report it
to the federal police.

Furrfu! If I was running an ISP, I'd just report the entire internet and
be done with it. *Any* internet connection can be used to access child
porn if you know where to look. As abhorrent as I find the concept of
child pornography, this just has to be the stupidest law of the year. You
might as well fine Telstra or Optus because child pornographers can talk
to each other, if they know the right number!
If you read further it doesn't seem as bad. I think the article is probably
poorly written. Other new sources I've heard (JJJ radio), suggests that it
if they are made aware of a particular site carrying child-porn, and do not
restrict access to that.

Of course, there is a bit of a problem here, how can they check it? Since
that is also illegal. And who would make them aware of the child porn?
Because then you would have had to access the porn in the first place. So
yeah, OK, it is stupid ;)

Perhaps the law should be amended to include:

"All ISPs should employ masses of trained monkeys that scour the net in search 
of illegal sites, and add them to the list... and if monkeys are unavailable, 
replace them with blindfolded employees..."

Seriously though, who are they kidding?

It'll just force those fiends to use encrypted, password protected sites, 
it'll make them more difficult to find and weed out. Those knee jerk 
reactions are just plain stupid, especially when the policy makers have no 
understanding of the technologies involved.