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[SLUG] Weird login behaviour

Dear list,

When logging in to my hitherto trusty SuSE8.2 after issuing the password 
nothing happens for a few seconds, then the screen fills with:

/bin/grep: too many arguments
/bin/ls: too many arguments
/bin/manpath: too many arguments
/bin/sed: too many arguments 


I can kill the process with ctrl c; but then get a bash prompt:


(the minus sign is intentional) 

I can spawn a bash shell from this prompt (with /bin/bash), where my 'normal' 
prompt appears.

The output of ps ax, shows there is indeed a stopped process called -bash.  If 
I kill it I'm back to the login prompt.

This behaviour is for runlevels 2,3 & 5 (I guess, 'cause after the xdm login 
the system hangs).

Any clues as to what's going on here?

I'm rather suspicious, & in rescue mode found a few setuid & setgid files on 
my system, as recommended in: 

Should all these be setuid (ignore the HD, I mounted the drive here in rescue 


Regards, Robert