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Re: [SLUG] list of distros

Dean Hamstead wrote:

sorry, i just didnt like the tone of the email. im 100% debian and

Wow, I'm being chastised for things I *didn't* say now.  Cool.

Yes, as I understand it Xandros doesn't not participate in the open source community. They just leech what they can get, add "value" and try to sell it. No, there's no *requirement* that they participate in the community. I just wanted to know if I had this right. It's really hard to tell if Xandros "gives anything back" and I was wondering if anyone knew if they do.

Obviously when choosing to pay for a linux distribution I'd like to know things like this so I can factor it into my decision making process. If there is a choice between two equally good, equally priced linux distributions and I know that one of them actually contributes something to the community and the other is just a leech I'd probably go with the one that contributes something to the community. But that wasn't the point of my inquiry, I just wanted to know if I had my facts straight or not.