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Re: [SLUG] Wall-to-wall Windows

David Guest wrote:

Is operating system vilification permited under the NSW anti-vilification laws?

Really, someone should take the IT section of SMH to task over this sort of crap.

I do not consider this vilification of Open Systems or Unix/Linux. This is a classic case where the *3Ms* failed to mix successfully. The 3Ms being:

1. *Men* - IT staff are short in understanding, experience, comprehension, and training. This is evident by the blame being directed only at Machines. No mention of Men and Management. It will be interesting to know what qualifications and experiences do the
IT staff have.

2. *Machines* - Computer Hardware, Solaris, Unix, Linux, and Apps Software
totally relies on Men as to whether it will work as intended or fall short of objectives.
We know Open Systems machines and software work but at this site it did not.

3. *Management* - Level of IT management skills available at this site is certainly low. Management structure and decision making processes, etc. will be curious items of

Just think about one of the problems: being unable to register a user quickly. It is a basic and rudimentary service in an installation. Management failure is what this appears to