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Re: [SLUG] how to open an eps file

To view it:
ghostview (same as gs)
ggv (gnome ghost view)

To edit it:
Note that Postscript is a programming language, and doesn't lend itself
well to editing. That being said, there are some programs that will edit
some Postscript files. Your best chance is to use Adobe Illustrator, but
Skencil (www.skencil.org, formerly sketch) can also open some
post-script files. I was hoping that inkscape would do it, but it
doesn't seem to.

You can embed .eps files in OpenOffice. If you want to see the picture
inside OpenOffice, you will probably need to add a tiff preview image.
gsview can do this for you (see Edit | Add EPS Preview). (This trick
also works for Microsoft Word.) Even without embedding the tiff preview,
the .eps file will most likely come through properly when you print the
file to a Postscript printer, or when you create a .pdf (OpenOffice has
a one-click export to PDF function.)

Having said all this, I have not actually worked with .eps files in
OpenOffice, so I am not absolutely sure that it will work. Let us know
how you go. This is the procedure that works with Microsoft Word.

Ben Stanley.

On Mon, 2005-02-14 at 23:47, Andrewd wrote:
> As the title says, I have an eps file (for a logo). Any ideas on what I
> need to open it with. Open Office states it was created with adobe but
> no image. Karbon14 seems to lock up, and GIMP opens it but does not
> display it properly - any ideas? also I am using Mandrake 10.
> Thanx
> Andrew D