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Title: Industry TechLink eNewsletter
Issue 20
WELCOME to this ISSUE of Industry TechLink News.
For technology assistance or further information on these articles, phone us on 1800 111 485*.
Industry TechLink News 
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    Inside this Edition:
  • Information Security - an exercise in risk management
  • I said backup! How to prevent data loss and a visit to the shrink!
Information Security - an exercise in risk management
  Ever worried about the integrity of your company's IT network?

Ever spent sleepless nights thinking about potential attackers and hackers?

Contemplating locking down your network to the point that it no longer functions with ease?

If you are empathising with the above mentioned questions, then Industry TechLink may very well
have the answers you are seeking.

Industry TechLink's information technology consultants have a range of powerful and highly functional solutions that can eliminate the stress and worry associated with securely and cost effectively securing your company network. Whether you have 2 or 222 people on your network, Industry TechLink
can provide you with innovative solutions that address your requirements and don't necessarily break the bank!

If you are tired of speaking with 'savvy' sales people who want to sell you a million dollar solution, then call Industry TechLink for some much needed free advice and guidance on 1800 111 485!

Industry TechLink is an Australian Government funded free advisory
service to help solve
your technology problems, locate machinery and recommend business improvements.

To speak with our technology consultants,
call us on

1800 111 485.
I said...backup or PERISH!
  Now...take a deep breath...relax...breathe in, breathe out... breathe in...

Failing to manage or protect the integrity of your company's data can have disastrous consequences to the viability of your services.

Industry TechLink consultants can advise you on suitable data storage solutions that can best serve your business needs and budget.

Many organisations have turned a blind eye towards system backups due to a perceived 'high cost', and the resources (both hardware and human) required to administer such a program.

However developments in technology and infrastructure mean that there are numerous solutions available to businesses wishing to safely and securely backup their organisation's information.

Innovative technology now provides business owners with backup options including daily backups at a pre determined time delivered over a 440 bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encrypted line to a central repository (data storage bank), via the internet, backing up onto DVD devices, CD-ROM devices, and tape.

Ideally, the time to investigate innovative and cost effective
backup options is when you are updating company hardware and IT infrastructure, or realise that your existing backup regime is flawed and dangerous to the longevity of your operations.

To find out more about data storage solutions, ring Industry TechLink on 1800 111 485 today!

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