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Re: [SLUG] wiki choice

<quote who="Gottfried Szing">

> we have tried several wikis and after some testing we have chosen the
> fastest one with an mysql backend.

That horrible squealing sound you hear is the sound of brakes screeching
against metal. :-)

> the hardware was a typical for a server for a small company an x86 with
> 2mhz, 1 gig ram.


> so maybe someone knows a wiki (preferable with db-backend and not a
> file-system based on) that is faster and can handle more than only 2
> concurrent users.

So your problem here is between the parentheses. Why do you want one that
uses a relational database instead of a filesystem? You know that a wiki
naturally maps well to a filesystem, and doesn't require *any* of the
features of a relational database system? (Least of all MySQL, which is a
suboptimal choice for rapid, multi-connection, read/write applications,
which is precisely what a web app is.)

Your machine is significantly overpowered for the purpose of running a
simple wiki. Use the filesystem backend - it's the natural thing to do. :-)

- Jeff

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