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Re: [SLUG] Digital TV Tuner Cards On Linux?

Ben de Luca wrote:

I have tried the 'tv_grab_au' from one list but did not work for me.
Are you able to post the code for this script ?

the python one from the list works.

OK, this explains why my channel list does not work consistently.
I am using the perl version.

This is something new  as far as I'm concerned, this python version.

The weather web pages work but I get 'blank and black' screen when
I switch to viewing TV channels. This is due to incorrect channels
information in my MySQL MythTV database.

There is NO 'tv_grab_au'  from the de-facto http://www.xmltv.org
server. I suspect because there is none that works consistently.

There is no legal source here

Yep, that's what I gathered from the list.