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[SLUG] Re: Mandrake Installation and HDD Troubles

Hiya Brian,

This may not be the answer, but I had a similar install problem the first time with Mandrake. In my instance, the CD drive slowed and stopped/stalled (I know you didn't mention this) The CD-ROM drive "seemed" okay, but when I replaced the CD-ROM drive for a newer one, the install was fine.

Thought I'm mention this just in case...

Additionally, I read once (somewhere), a suggestion to use a Live CD to see if the HDD can be access, in the event this is the problem.



Brian wrote:

Dear Sluggers,

A friend has just emailed me.  Can anybody help with this one please?


So far I've spent 8-10 hours, merely a long day, mucking about with a recalcitrant Mandrake re-install, and suddenly it came good, marvellous. Except at about item no. 99 of 100, it suddenly caved in and refused to co-operate further. Drat. Try to start again, and some of my further mucking about only made the hard disk worse, and it's a problem I can't find remarked on the Net and have never heard of before.

Problem is that the hard drive won't boot from its installation CD as the hard drive says it's a failure to run from an ATAPI CDROM. Finally the drive protested by getting even worse, and it just fails to boot just after the BIOs readings finish, it leaves a capital "L" followed by a long series of 99 99 99 and no key will do anything at all if asks, the machine just hangs. Never heard of any of this. Gonna go on the Net now and have another look.

So this is a case of a merely mucked up hard disk, no data loss (can you imagine the relief thereof!) - it's just a hard disk that won't take an install of anything, anymore, not even if I try to DOS-ify it and put a WIN95 CD in the machine. Nuffin. Just 99 99 99 --