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Re: [SLUG] Digital TV Tuner Cards On Linux?

> Read the ff. info so very carefully before expending time and money
> on this intended project.
> http://www.schlesinger.us/nf20031230.htm

It appears that this Schlesinger is a bit of a dolt. a couple of weeks
to built a mythtv box, Yeah right! It took me less than a day. This
guy seems to be a complete noobie to linux in the first instance.  I
got mythtv running on Mandrake10. and 10.1 I used the CVS as opposed
to the tarballs, at the moment I am considering Gentoo as the next
step. I can see a couple of weeks in the gentoo part, that is
understandable. He started off with SuSE, who in their right mind
would use SuSE for multimedia, they don't ship codecs because it
breaches their license.

> The endeavour is even more hazardous here in Australia. There is
> no working 'tv_grab_au' from the official xmltv software up-to-now
> AFAIK.  You will discover this when you get to 'Zap2it' a tv
> program listing site that does not provide you correctly with the list of
> service providers here in Australia. By this time it will be too late as
> you probably have bought the hardware and spent tremendous hours
> following the HOWTO (http://www.mythtv.info;

I beg to differ there there is a tv_grab_au and it works fine. I would
recommend Linux users to use mythtv, it is in my case (wifeproof), and
(kid proof I have a 4 and 3 yr old) who can manage the interface to
play their favourite movies and channels.

> http://wilsonet.com/mythtv/fcmyth.php). I have Fedora Core 2. ReHat
> is the primary platform supported in this HOWTO. Also it is required
> you have KDE instead  of GNOME, which is excellent because I
> am into Kolab Servers (http://kolab.org) for many customers. Incidentally,
> I am gradually shifting all workstations and servers to KDE.
> To get a sense of the issues involve, check the postings here:
> http://www.dtvforum.info/index.php?showtopic=52&hl=#entry22169
This is a once off configuration requirement. You don't have to
memorise the hz setting of every channel.

> But in the end, if learning specifically about linux kernel, device drivers,
> compilation, installations, mysql, and lots of fun things about linux is of
> paramount benefit to you, then, it is worth the time and money to plunge
> into this project. But I for one would not do it for getting the
> pleasure of
> having a TIVO-like service.

It seems like the most attractive part of tivo will be removed pretty
soon, as it is illegal to cut commercials in the US and under the FTA
it will come here.

> I have FusionHDTV DV3-T that I installed on my TEST server with
> heaps of CPU power and memory and heaps of storage (over a terabyte)
> that works off-and-on requiring lots of maintenance work. I've given up
> on this since Dec, 2004 and hope to get back to it when time permits.
> If you simply wish to get the pleasure of digital tv recording, editing,
> and controlling, then get commercial TIVO, at least for now.

You can't knock it until you have tried it. Mythtv works beautifully
if you know the capabilities and limitations of the distro you have
chosen then Mythtv will work for you.

So far you have given only 1 lame example of failure.  I know of a lot
more success stories and most of them are in the slug list.