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Re: [SLUG] mixed case web tree

Since linux treats lowercase and LOWERCASE as seperate items there's no reason why this wouldn't work.

An easier thing (ie less work for you) would be to use an apache mod_rewrite rule on the url. Whip out your regular expressions and convert uppercase strings to lowercase (or vice versa if you need). Just check out the apache manual for tips on how to write them (so long as your webserver has mod_rewrite enabled of course)


Voytek Eymont wrote:

I have a web user who seems to insist on using mIxEd caSE files/tree...

he asked me to symlink '/path/lowercase' to real '/path/LOWERCASE'

will that work properly, what do you fellow think ?

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We're a little concerned about the capitalisation issues with

Would it be possible to get a link of some sort (like a symbolic link)
called "abc" linking to the "ABC"  directory, so that either will work?