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[SLUG] Work wanted

Hi everyone,

I'm currently looking for Linux related work in the Sydney area. I've been using Linux since '97
(Red Hat 4.2) and have 4 years solid commercial experience in medium and large companies. I have
strong skills in web and network applications, pretty much covering the whole gamut of services
necessary to run a companies intranet (i won't bore you with a long list of open-source
applications). I've also used OpenBSD, FreeBSD and OS X in commercial settings. I have skills with
Windoze but not strong on the AD side. I have intermediate skills with Perl and Shell. I'm a quick

I'm looking for all sorts of work including casual and my rates are reasonable (read: i'm
desperate). If you're interested or know someone who is, drop me a line and i'll send you a copy of
my resume.

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